What is the CQP ALS AGEE ?

The CQP ALS AGEE is one of the qualifying certificates recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It is about the “Certificate of Professional Qualification Animator of Sports Leisure in Gymnastic Activities of Maintenance and Expression”. This allows you to animate group lessons in a sports wellness structure or a fitness establishment. This professional qualifying certificate is the royal road for all those who wish to start practicing as a sports instructor in group sessions. It is also an excellent step towards other diploma courses.

Wondering how to pass the CQP ALS AGEE? Nothing’s easier! First, by registering with TF Formation, you have the best conditions to obtain this certificate. Indeed, the animation and supervision of physical discovery or initiation activities for all audiences (children, adults, seniors) require a base of theoretical and practical knowledge that we are empowered to provide.

How does our training run ?

Lasting 163 hours, this training revolves around three common core subjects :

– Being able to apprehend different types of public to prepare an action project

– Being able to constitute an animation project from its conception to its supervision

– Being able to master the tools and techniques to set up an activity.

In addition to the basic training for the CQP ALS AGEE, you have the choice between two colors which will add particular skills to your course :

– Wellness color (42 hours): this color includes Pilates, Yoga and Port de Bras

– Freestyle color (42 hours): these are the disciplines of Freestyle basic, Freestyle Expert and Audio Mix

We favor the interaction of the participants in an atmosphere of conviviality and perseverance. First of all, the spirit of cohesion is essential to develop a sustained working atmosphere within the promotion. Thus, our trainers identify your areas of progress in order to bring them all to the required level. The objectives of the CQP ALS are set from the start of your training. On the other hand, the essential points of the program are the subject of specific coaching. At TF Formation, our stakeholders systematically offer debriefings to identify your strengths and improve your weaknesses.


Freeness Paris
172 Boulevard Voltaire,
75011 Paris

Next session
From 02/19/2020 to 07/19/2020

Certain provisions and conditions must be met :

* Be over 16 and 18 at the time of the assessment

* Hold PSC1: Prevention and Civic Aid level 1

* Provide a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice and teaching of Gymnastics Maintenance and Expression Activities

CQP 1800€
Color 800€

Where to work with a CQP ALS AGEE ?

Once certified, where to work with the CQP ALS AGEE? Shorter than the BP JEPS training, the CQP ALS AGEE allows you to exercise as a sports instructor to give group lessons. This multisports diploma is a real key to working with all audiences in the following categories: “muscle strengthening”, “gentle techniques” (stretching, gymnastics…), “expression”, “cardio techniques”. In addition, we recommend supplementing this certificate with other specialized training to further consolidate your knowledge and practice. Several specialties are the subject of training regularly throughout the year at TF Formation. Thus, your specialization will allow you to diversify your activities and enhance your hourly rate.

The completed form should be returned to the following address :


99 rue du Point du Jour