At the origin of the TOTAL FREESTYLE project, one of our objectives was to offer Fitness conventions that appeal to the greatest number!

This is where the STARTER convention was born!

With its fun and technically accessible courses, this category of convention has proven its worth as it continues to attract more than 250 enthusiasts per year, from beginners to experts.

These courses also allow you to practice the basics before moving on to higher level conventions such as Episodes.

Today, we offer 5 convention per year which are in the form of 4 courses over an afternoon.

Have fun, exercise whatever your level !

You are in the right place !


Informations pratiques

Where is the convention?

ForestHill Aquaboulevard de Paris
4-6 Rue Louis Armand,
75015 Paris


point Mandatory padlock to deposit personal belongings in the club locker rooms

point Suitcase prohibited in the classroom

point Headgear prohibited inside the club

point Ban on eating out inside the club

Presenters & PLANNING