Freestyle Basic Training


Why did we set up Freestyle Basic training? In recent decades, freestyle lessons have become a real phenomenon in fitness rooms in France and around the world. Popularized under the name of aerobics in the 1960s in the United States, freestyle is the result of an evolution combining different influences and rhythmic approaches mainly oriented on cardio. The followers of this discipline were not only convinced by its conviviality and its playful atmosphere, all feel strongly the benefits of freestyle on a cardiovascular, articular, muscular and energetic level.


If Freestyle consists of movements and figures freely defined by an instructor, it is necessary to know the vocabulary and grammar of this discipline (STEP and LIA / HILOW). This is precisely what this course offers you to review. Once the basics are comforted, your trainer will teach you to build a coherent, fluid and catchy choreography, but also to place your voice to effectively transmit verbal instructions (cueing). After a useful reminder of the different pedagogical lines specific to freestyle, the training emphasizes methods opening the way to less academic teaching and a more playful and recreational choreographic construction.


Are you new to freestyle, but feel that your lessons are stagnating or need a new breath? Freestyle Basic training gives you a set of keys to know how to best manage your space, choose the appropriate music, communicate with your students in an optimal way, find an upward dynamic and a sensational rhythm. Freestyle is above all the meeting between the mindset of an instructor and that of his audience. The Freestyle instructor is also the facilitator of a course whose authenticity is essential to train and become one with the audience. Participants in the Freestyle Basic training gain confidence and manage to build a true symmetry between their enthusiasts and them, giving everyone the feeling of progressing and fulfilling. Finally, the Freestyle Basic trainers have developed for you a list of recommendations around an open, positive and methodical attitude.


Where did this passion for freestyle fitness come from ?

Attracted by dance but not very gifted, freestyle was a good alternative for the general public and choreographed. I tried and never stopped !

Based on your experience and your meetings in the fitness world, what would be your definition of freestyle ?

It’s a way to make you sweat while having fun, for all those who want to move in a group and progress in their style and cardio.

At the end of the Freestyle Basic training, what are the progress and ambitions of your trainees ?

Compared to Expert training, it is essentially a question of understanding the fundamentals and knowing how to return to the classroom with the prerequisites to give pleasure to members with a structured course.


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