Freestyle Expert Training


We go up a notch with the Freestyle Expert training! After freestyle Basic, do you want a renewed dynamic and a highly captivating choreography? Do you want to be recognized and boost your notoriety in the world of Freestyle? This training is very timely, because it was designed to perfect your sense of closeness to the public and extract the substantial marrow from your body expression. It is this training that will propel you into a new era where you will be able to fully assert your style and increase your charisma.


Ease and bonding with your enthusiasts are essential for a freestyle lesson to find a positive response. However, much more is needed to enhance the practice of this demanding discipline. It is this extra soul that we will teach you so that a thrill runs through the whole room! Your trainers, who have participated in the biggest Freestyle conventions, will give you all the secrets of their recipe which has brought them to the firmament of their art. Thus, they will accompany you so that you make the most of your inspiration and your potential. After the Freestyle Expert training, there is no doubt that your performances will arouse passion and outbursts during the conventions that you will host.


Relevant indications, correct words, precise gestures: these are the basics that everything to present masters from A to Z. But beyond an optimal and transversal communication, there is interactivity which transcends a simple course to make it an experience new freestyle. At the end of this Freestyle Expert training, you will excel in verbal and non-verbal communication techniques allowing you to be in perfect harmony with the floor to the rhythm of wild music. From the simple course, you will pass to the exceptional show. The scenarios that mark out the two days of training will be exercises that will lead you to virtuosity.


Lionel Lacolas
Lionel Lacolas is a former top athlete in artistic and sports aerobics, eight times champion of France, winner of the European cup and vice world champion. Present internationally in 42 countries, known and recognized for its methodology, technique and animation of STEP and LIA courses.

The Freestyle Expert training is aimed at an already seasoned audience and at the pinnacle of freestyle disciplines, what are the main benefits for trainees ?

Expert training is genuinely focused on communication and the ingredients that lead practitioners to go beyond the sporting aspect, by combining performance with emotion. The interns benefit from the image they reflect as well as the relationship they have with their audience.


Can you give us the highlights of the training ?

The training always begins with a demonstration in real conditions and a debriefing which demonstrates to the students that there are communication keys essential to the process. There follows a participatory theoretical part which details the methodology very precisely. Finally, several scenarios allow students to try fitness magic.


How does Freestyle expert training give you the strengths to achieve excellence ?

In an environment where only the best stand out, this training provides keys that cannot be learned in a school. This methodology is transmitted by presenters whose experience has allowed the approach to be carefully structured. Members open their eyes and put words to the emotions and sensations that make up the recipe for great Fitness conventions.


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