Pilates Training


Pilates is an essential discipline that has established itself in the world of fitness. It is because it combines mental well-being with muscle building in an optimal way. Its founder, Joseph Pilates, was particularly inspired by dynamic yoga to forge his own techniques. The main goal of pilates is to strengthen the deep muscles, while softening the joints and toning the body center. A few work sessions are enough to feel the results that are: a more flexible, firmer and more alert body, both in sports and in everyday life. This is why for more than a century, the success of this physical activity has never faltered. On the contrary, its popularity has only increased with the development of variants such as prenatal or postnatal pilates, but also thanks to the tools and accessories, designed for these methods. Faced with the abundance of training, which pilates training to choose ?



Whether you hold a BPES BP, a CQP, a License or you’re just a Pilates enthusiast who wants to evolve, this Pilates training is for you. Indeed, nowadays most people are moving towards sports methods that take into account the body and mind as a whole. Whether it is by doing an intensive sport or having a more gentle physical practice, no matter their age and gender, the benefits of Pilates are multiple and proven.

With this Pilates training dedicated to coaches and offered by TF Formation, you will have all the necessary skills to better guide your future students in their practice and their development. In fact, knowing the basic techniques and their sequences allow a diversified approach to fitness, gym or bodybuilding, whether for solo, duo or group lessons. In other words, becoming a Pilates instructor means adding an extra string to your bow in the field of wellness fitness.


Oftentimes, the strictness of this physical discipline and the effort it requires can be a bit discouraging ; that is why participants in the Pilates training by TF Formation approach work in sessions, using a flexible and fluent  methodology, indicating all the variants and “easy options”. At TF Formation, we are committed to preserving the fundamentals of Pilates, while offering a fun and friendly teaching environment. Experts in this field, trainers would remain close, approachable and available so that your movements are as fair and as precise as possible.

After learning the basic principles and technical movements, the Pilates trainers will help you practice to make sure that your skills are successfully implemented . Then, you will learn to build your own lessons by developing sequences that give meaning and progression. Throughout the training, your trainer will ensure the proper integration of the steps that make up the chosen module (Matwork 1 or 2).

Furthermore, the trainer will teach you how, as a Pilates coach instructor, you can introduce and transmit Pilates adding a modern touch, yet at the same time retaining what constitutes the fundamentals of this physical activity system. Your practitioner will make sure to accompany you throughout this in-depth Pilates training to correct your positions and improve your weak points. They will guide your breathing and increase your level of focus. Pedagogy, joviality and listening are the essential axes of these two days of improvement in Pilates.


What led you to specialize in Pilates ?

I got interested in it as soon as I started working as a fitness teacher in 2003. I regularly met practitioners with various problems, including back pain. I joined the method immediately, because it is in my opinion ideal to rebalance the tone and muscle flexibility. The precision of the movements and the mastery of the breathing sought in the training of Pilates allow you to develop a better physical condition and improve the awareness of our body. For me, it is a sport on its own, right because it contributes to personal development.

What is the state of mind that reigns during the Pilates training dedicated to coaches ?

I would like to make the lessons enjoyable and interactive. I focus on practice and a clear and simple transmission. I give in particular a maximum of concrete and directly applicable keys after the training. My goal is that this training benefits coaches not only for their future Pilates lessons. It must be fertile ground for other activities. This discipline has several fundamentals that serve me in many areas.

Is it time to end “Pilates is just for women”, what do you think ?

Yes, definitely. Joseph Pilates has created this method to train the body and not just men or women. The “first generation” of instructors come from dance and acrobatics and were predominantly females. At that time, these practitioners were looking to heal their wounds and improve their dancing techniques. The method was not created for dancers. Athletes are increasingly incorporating this training into their programs, top athletes first. Pilates improves physical performance through regular work on deep posture and ergonomics of movements.


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