Obtain financial support for your trainings in the Fitness domain

Training in the field of fitness and fitness is a duty to adapt and evolve in this constantly changing professional environment. Knowing how to finance your training is therefore a crucial question. Duty, but also a right for which financial contributions exist. As a member company of Uniformation and referenced by DataDock, Total Freestyle opens rights to certain training aids in the form of reimbursement by competent operators (OPCO). Depending on your professional status, the terms of care vary. Here are the two scenarios that appear below


Finance your training when you are a self-employed person or in a liberal profession

Self-employed people contribute to vocational training according to their turnover. Le FIFPL is the organization that takes care of training for liberals and similar. Since January 1, 2018, FIFPL only reimburses Datadock certified training, the database in which Total Freestyle is registered. If you are a freelance rehabilitator, a physiotherapist and you wish, for example, to benefit from our Pilates training, all you have to do is build up a file with FIFPL which will issue its agreement following the examination of your request.


And when you are an employee?

If training in the form trades is currently not eligible for the CPF, it is however possible to request support from your employer: Either your company makes a request to its OPCO (Uniformation, AFDAS, AGECIF … ) to obtain full or partial support for your training; or, knowing that training brings you additional skills from which your employer will benefit, your employer may decide to give you a boost on its equity in a win-win process. Indeed, the added value that you will bring after your training with us is an asset to the economic development of your business.