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Nakama Fit
Aquitaine Fitness Party

Domaine de Bombannes (Gironde)

After several editions which have gained success each year, the event is now one of the biggest events in France and becomes a must for sports enthusiasts. 4 days of internship, more than 40 teachers, more than 120 lessons, a heavenly place, crazy evenings and activities for the whole family.

Embark with them on this crazy adventure!

Yo Fit
Muss Fit
Fitness 4
From The Top

Renowned company in the fitness industry in Russia, especially in the freestyle field, with its headTaras Klimov as CEO.

Training, Fitness Videos and Events are the main activities of the company.

In 2016, the company created its website containing professional videos for fitness instructors made by the best Russian presenters such as Taras Klimov, Alex Fomin, Sasha Oshkin, Sergey Oleynikov and many others.

In 2017, From The Top launched the very first online course in Russia for future teachers who want to become professionals.

In 2018, the company is organizing the biggest presenters competition in Russia, which has been very successful and will grow from year to year.

AF Studio

A.F. STUDIES is a certified training center, approved by the Greek Ministry of Education and accredited by EuropeActive. It has been the largest private fitness school for sports coaches in Greece for 23 years!

For several years, they have organized the largest Fitness & Mind Body conference in Athens annually.

A.F. STUDIES collaborates with Greek and European teachers, lecturers of international seminars and presenters for several years. They have been awarded and certified worldwide by leading international organizations (YAI, TRX, BOSU).

Fitness Win

Fondé en 2017 par D'jo Edwards et Mike Wick, FITNESS WIN offers you FITNESS conventions unique in Montpellier.
An unmissable event for Step and Aerobics enthusiasts, bringing together international presenters.
The opportunity to spend a sporting moment in a good mood.


WE Fit

SHARING, LOVE, BROTHERHOOD and GOOD MOOD are the watchwords and the foundation of this new project
This passion that unites them is the fruit of work for years but above all the confidence of the people around them.
WeFIT is a collaborator of all existing schools in Tunisia and is growing freestyle in its own way.
They are ready body and soul to give the best of themselves for a better future!