The Total Freestyle Team is first and foremost a story of friendship between Max & Smaïl.
Strengthened by our individual experiences in fitness and this friendship that binds us, we came together around 3 essential values: sport for all, surpassing oneself, and conviviality. From these values ​​and this friendship was born Total Freestyle: a new era to live your passion.

Max Gaborit

Origine : Poitiers
Background :

  • International Fitness présenter depuis 2014
  • 2è Meilleur espoir Fitness 2015
  • Formateur Prépa BP
Smaïl Boudjennah

Origine : Paris
Background :

  • International Fitness présenter depuis 2015
  • Meilleur espoir Fitness France amateur 2013 et 2014

Teachers Team

Because Total Freestyle is today a key player in professional sports training, we strive to appeal to the best trainers of the moment. Experts in their discipline and pedagogues, this Team will offer you quality training, with guaranteed progression !

Kasia Frejlich-Morisseau


Origine : Montréal

Formateur :
Pilates M1
Pilates M2
15 ans d'expérience en Pilates

Anthony Barbier


Origine : Paris

Formateur :
Pilates Femme enceinte/senior
Pilates Petit matériel

Thibaut Tran Van Tuat


Origine : Paris

Formateur :
Power flow Yoga


Béatrix de Montalier


Origine : Paris

Formatrice :
Port de Bras


Lionel Laolas


Origine : Marseille 

Formateur :
Freestyle Expert


Freestyle Team

Anxious to make you live exceptional conventions, Total Freestyle brings specially for you the most talented Presenters from the 4 corners of France and around the world: Russia, Tunisia, Greece, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Czech Republic… So many talents ready to make you vibrate throughout the year during unforgettable and emotional events.


Laeti Vital


Origine : Toulouse


Yamine Saoudi


Origine : Lyon


Alex Ferrez Dias


Origine : Lille


Anto Pipo


Origine : Marseille


D'jo Edwards


Origine : Montpellier 


Djed Mezhoud


Origine : Toulouse


Jerome Durand


Origine : Cannes


Anthony Rodriguez


Origine : Toulouse


Mohammed El Ghali


Origine : Lyon
Meigge Zehani


Origine : Lyon
Julien Hochet


Origine : Tours

Team International

Katia Valisenko


Origine : Russie


Fares Soltani


Origine : Tunisie


Riccardo Camicia


Origine : Italie


Taras Klimov


Origine : Russie


Mustapha Ait Aiss


Origine : Maroc


Allesandro Monzo


Origine : Itlaie


Marina Kutsova


Origine : Russie


Luciano mottola


Origine : Italie


Allegra Deevasis


Origine : Italie


Javier Gonzalez


Origine : Espagne


Iva Mojziskova


Origine : Republique Tcheque


Carol Lopez


Origine : Espagne


Sasha Oshkin


Origine : Russie


Gio Pap


Origine : Grèce


Dali Tabben


Origine : Tunisie


Anastasia Alexandridi


Origine : Grèce


Joel Lee


Origine : Espagne


Carlos Ramirez


Origine : Espagne


Giorgos Chatzimichail


Origine : Grèce


Larz Schuijling


Origine : Hollande


Mirjan Tahiraj


Origine : Grèce


Alexander Fomin


Origine : Russie


Anton Todorov


Origine : Allemagne


Karim Ben Romdhane


Origine : Tunisie
Hedito Takayama


Origine : Japon
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